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Fall at Lake Purdy
Great Fishing and Foliage
Closed Thanksgiving

John Brascome with his limit of Bass on crappie jigs
Rob Weiss, visiting from Illinois, caught this 7lb 13oz large mouth with a Rat-L-Trap
Fishing Report November 18
     The rain we received last week raised the Lake level by over 3 feet.  Lake Purdy is now only 2.7 feet from full pool and the water temperature has dropped to 60.2 degrees.  This weekend was especially strong for bass fishing. John Brascome, pictured above, caught close to 40 bass and some crappies as well this weekend .  The ten bass he kept weighed 22 lbs.

Michael Bracher with some of the crappie he caught on tree tops with minnows this week
November is one of my favorite crappie months.  Crappie start moving to submerged structure in 10 to 15 feet water.  These are some of the same staging areas the crappie gather on in the early spring just before going to the banks to spawn.  The crappie gather together in like sizes.  So if you catch a big crappie in one area stay there.  There may be more big crappie right there.  Also if all you are catching are small crappie, move along because you will probably catch more of the same. Come this week if you want to take advantage of November Crappie surge.
We will be glad to point you in the right direction.
Jad Nguyen with a mix of bass and crappie caught with minnows


At Lake Purdy you can now chose any boat and use your own motor and pay one price, $18 per day.  This includes our wide boats which hold up to 5 people or boats featuring live wells or casting decks.  These boats were previously priced at $20 per day.  The same applies to all motor boats, now one price for your choice of any motor boat.  See the new pricing below.

Boat Only Rental    

$18 per day              $22 per night       

Bench seats.  May use your own gas motor or trolling motor up to 10 horsepower or paddle yourself. One price, your choice of boat. Holds 3 to 5 people

            Motor Boats                            $50 up to 3 Hours   $70 up to 6 Hours    $90 per Day or Night

Nissan Outboard, 3 Gallons of Gas, Bench Seats. One price, your choice of boat. Holds 3 to 5 people.  Add a trolling Motor and battery to a Motor Boat for $20

 Fully Rigged Bass Boat

$90 up to 3 Hours    $120 up to 6 Hours     $160 per Day or Night

Our Biggest and Best Fishing Boat, 17 feet long and 75 inches wide, equipped with our most powerful outboard, steering wheel controls, bow mounted trolling motor, live-well, fish finder, anchor, and bow and stern seats.   Capacity 4.

   Party Pontoon Boats


$100 up to 2 Hours        $125 up to 3 Hours         $200 up to 6 Hours 

For those of you who want to relax and spend time with family and friends. Our best and largest pontoon with 40 hp outboard motor. Capacity of 12 people or 1760 lbs. Includes 3 gallons of gas (for every 6 hours). 


 Smaller Pontoon Boats


$75 up to 2 Hrs   $90 up to 3 Hrs   $120 up to 6 Hrs  $160 per Day or Night

Smaller pontoons for 5 to 8 people with 25 to 30 horse power outboards.  Includes 3 gallons of gas (for every 6 hours).


Any Boat only with Trolling Motor and Battery  

$50 for 6 hours

Add second battery for $5.  Each battery will last for 2 to 6 hours depending on wind conditions and use.  Consistent trolling will exhaust battery faster than intermittent use.   Ask Store about limitations.


Add On Accessories:

Batteries:              $10 for  1      $15 for  2

Anchor:                 $5               Ice Chest               $4

Rod/Reel:              $8             Seat or Cushion:   $1

Rowing Oars:      $3
New Fall Hours 6:30AM to 6:30PM
closed Mondays
 Catch of the week

Andrew Garner caught and released this 7 lb plus large mouth this week.  He was using an antique top water plug given to him by his father.  In addition to the fish shown above he also caught two more four pound plus bass before he hooked up with his biggest fish of the day. Unfortunately that lunker went straight down and snapped him off taking Andrew's prized lure with him.

Drew Hasselden came to Lake Purdy for his first fishing trip and caught three nice bass in the two pound range.  He was using a simple black plastic worm.
Fall Sale of Boats, Motors and Trailers

New and used boats, motors, and trailers for Sale.  Buy just a boat or combine with a motor or trailer for package discounts. For instance, the boat and motor pictured above with a new trailer is package priced at $2695.
Andy Pomeroy

Andy Pomeroy started catching Crappie with the crank bait he's holding in his left hand then he hooked into this 5 lb catfish.
Roderick Foy also was trolling a crank bait to catch his stringer of crappie and bass.

John McLaughlin has figured out the pattern for catching bass this week.  See his favorite lures are shown in the mouths of catches below.

Ask John how he does it when you see him at Lake Purdy
Are the Fish Biting?
Heck Yeah!!

Alex Smeraglia has been very successful fishing at Lake Purdy. This week he caught this 7.3 lb large mouth and a mess of 4 lb and better Spotted Bass.
Wilder Hayes caught his 2 lb Spotted Bass using a plastic worm.
Fishing is much Better in 2018
One of the reasons we hold the weekly Bass contest at Lake Purdy is to gather statistics on bass fishing which can be used to compare fishing from year to year.  Both the number of fish (up 36%) and total weight of fish (up 53%) caught in the 22 weekly bass contest at Lake Purdy were much better in 2018 compared to 2017. Here are the numbers:
Year      Entries     Total Weight    Total Fish    Best Fish   Best Limit
2017         216              938.84lb          658 fish         7.63lb      14.94lb
2018          269            1439.53lb           897 fish         8.82lb     20.08lb     Classic Champions Mike and Mason Wright won $820
in the final contest of 2018   

The father and son team of Mike and Mason Wright picked a good night to win their first Friday night contest of 2018.  The end of Year invitational Classic held on September 7th had a total purse of $1,220.  The Wrights captured the big fish prize (4.30 lbs) and first place with a limit weight of 11.16 lbs.  Roger Williamson and Mitchell Clay cashed their first winnings of the season, $250 for their second place finish of 9.76lbs.  Third place money was shared in a tie between the Young Guns, Hayden Teems and Alex Smeraglia, and Former Champions Jeff England and Tony Marlowe with identical weights of 9.665lbs. 

Antipodean John Mac catches slab Spotted bass on 9/5

Howard Dewberry with 6 lb 6 oz large mouth caught and released using a black and brown bass jig off the back of Goat Island

Friday Night Bass Contests 2018
Every Friday Night
6PM to Midnight
Week 22
Former Champion get first win of 2018
    Jeff England, fishing solo, got his first win in the final Friday night contest of the season. His weight of 9.485 lbs edged out Ben Jones and Todd Skinner who finished second with 9.02 lbs.  Third place went to the season money leaders, Zac Hall and Johnny Hill with 8.29 lbs. Big fish went to Dennis Falkner for his 3.925 lb bass. 
    The final season standings are listed below.  Mike Forrester with his two partners Chris Leathers and Scotty Lewis won the season points championship for the second year in a row.  They finished the season with a total weight of 179.51 lbs, a new record for the most weight caught in a season.  Going into the Classic Championship on September 7th they have won $1204 which includes $300 in Lake Purdy Gift Certificates for their points championship.  New comers, Hayden Teems and Alex Smeraglia, received $150 in rental certificates for their runner up finish in the Season Points championship. This brings their season winnings to $1008.  Top money winners for the season went to Zac Hall and Johnny Hill who won $1455. 
     The eleven teams listed below will fish in the season ending invitational Classic with a Prize pool of $1000.

Final Points Standing for 2018 Seasons

Team                                        Points        Total Wt.          Purse

1.Mike Forrester/ Chris Leathers                 237 pts         179.51 lbs            $1204 2.Hayden Teems / Alex Smeraglia              202 pts          167.7 lbs             $1008 3.Mike Wolfe / Nicholas Wolfe                     181 pts          141.66 lbs           $867
4.Zac Hall/Johnny Hill                                  153 pts          124.41 lbs           $1455
5.Paul Renda / Ken Clark                            146 pts          104.74 lbs             $714
6.Mike, Mason, Kayla Wright                       144 pts          110.99 lbs             $383 
7.Mike Falkner / Dennis Falkner                  112 pts           83.05 lbs               $94    8.Jeff England/Tony Marlowe                       103 pts           80.21 lbs              $336
9.Charlie Burns/ Donald Jewell                     84 pts            74.90 lbs              $219  10.Roger & Becky Williamson/ M. Clay         84 pts            60.54 lbs                $0   
11.Tyler Wesley/Jeff Stanfield                        63 pts            36.55 lbs              $48     
 All teams listed above are qualified for the Classic Championship on September 7th.

Early Bird Special
Weekdays only, not on weekends or holidays
Rent any motor boat or pontoon for the the 3 hour rate and keep it till Noon.  Lake Purdy opens at 6AM so the earlier you get here the better your special.  And the Early Worm gets the Biggest bass. See below!
Worm, aka Gary Franklin, is at it again.  He caught this 7 lb 12 oz large mouth in the early morning on Wednesday, June 27. He released this fish and went back out and immediately caught the 6 lb 9 oz bass pictured below.
Worm caught and released both fish Wednesday morning.  Ask him for directions to Turtle Island.
Lake Purdy Now Renting Paddle Boards

Annah Baykal and Mallory Mathias came to Lake Purdy to try the new Paddle Boards.  Cost is $20 for two hours, less than half the price charged at Oak Mountain.  Life Jacket is included.  Great exercise for the abs, but don't bring anything you don't want to get wet.
G'Day Mate!

   We are open at 6:30AM every day except Monday

Also caught this week, Jack Alexander with a 6.1 lb large mouth and his partner Jim McPherson caught a 4 lb 13 oz spotted bass pictured below.

Toney and Josh Caminiti with their best crappie (1.2 lbs) on May 20th. Also fishing with Kim Caminiti they caught a variety of bass , crappie and catfish using minnows and jigs from a Family Pontoon Boat.

Tom Robinson  with 9.3 lb bass caught and released in May

Lake Purdy has 70 rental boats including 12 pontoon boats.  In order to keep your option for 2, 3 or 6 hour rentals available throughout the day, we do not take reservations.

Deanna and Darren Williford                Billy Latham             Jerrod and David Atkins

Ursala Watkins with 1.5 lb shellcracker on red worm on 3/11

Family Pontoons available starting at $125 for three hours

Horace Wilcox with crappie limit 2/15.  Using minnows on a slip bobber about 6 feet deep.

Jonathan and Ben Scoggins with double crappie limit on
Here are a couple of tips for crappie
1. Most of the big crappie have moved off the bank out to post spawn areas in 8 to 15 feet of water.  Still count on tuffie minnows as the best bait.  If fishing is tough, try adding a Power Bait crappie nibbler to a live minnow or  jig.  The scent and sparkles will often trigger strikes from reluctant crappie.
2. Don't fight the wind, drift with a pontoon in deep water.  Position the boat up wind and sink a minnow or jig 3 to 6 feet under a float on both sides of the boat.  You will eventually drift through a school of bait fish and pick a few crappie by the end of your trip.

Alan Wellbaum with a spotted bass on a Carolina rigged lizard

You will catch fish once you master this technique.
Bass Report:  My best tip for catching bass on Lake Purdy is to learn how to rig and fish a Carolina Rig for plastic worms and lizards.  This rig features a 1/2 to 1 oz egg sinker followed by a couple of glass beads and then a barrel swivel.  On the other side of the swivel tie a 4 foot leader in front of a good offset worm hook rigged with a plastic lizard or worm.  You can throw this rig a mile because of the weight.  It also sinks quickly to the bottom where you want to feel your weight bouncing off pea gravel or rocks.  This if where you can expect to get bit by spotted bass.  If the bottom doesn't feel like anything, you are just fishing empty muddy banks which don't hold many fish.  Pick up and cast to the next point.  Stick with it.

Open Tuesday-Sunday 6:30AM to 6:30PM
Closed most Mondays Except for Holidays

6:30AM to 6:30PM
Tuesday through Sunday

New Fully Rigged Fishing Boats are ready to rent.  They feature all new bow mounted trolling motors, fish finders with color displays, aerated live well, pedestal seats, running lights and more.
Book a Guide trip with one of our world
famous Lake Purdy Guides

Gary Goodwin, Lake Purdy Manager, knows how to catch big fish.

Treat a valued client, spouse or special friend to a guide trip with one of our world famous Lake Purdy Guides.   We will provide the tackle and food and refreshments as well if you like.  Trips last 6 hours and are for one or two people only.  Cost for the trip is $250 and must be booked in advance.

Guide, Richy Rich, with 6 lb large mouth caught and released 2/7/15

Night time fishing at Lake Purdy: If you have never fished at night now is a good time to start.  It's hot out there in the middle of the day.  You can rent any of the boats at Lake purdy for night time, which means you can stay out past our closing time of 8PM.  Any boat rented for night has to have regulation running lights.  We don't rent the lights so you have to have your own.  We sell them in the store for $29.95 for the set or you can buy them where ever you want.  If you are renting one of our pontoon or guide boats, they are equipped with running lights so you don't have to have your own.  You can rent a boat for the evening any time after 2PM and it is not due until 8AM the next morning.  You don't have to stay all night.  Most people don't.  We give you a combination to the gate lock so you can leave when ever you want.  The store is closed at night so make sure to bring extra food and bait.  Some extra lights would also be useful, it's dark out there.  Beavers like to silently swim up to your boat and slap their tails on the surface which might your heart skip a beat.

Pontoon Palooza

  Rent a Pontoon for as little as $75 plus tax for two hours.

 Get all the boat rental prices here, Rental Rates

You don't need a boater's license to rent any boat at Lake Purdy, including a pontoon boat, pictured above. We'll show you what you need to know to drive any boat even if you have no previous experience.  We have plenty of boats so you should be able to rent any boat you want, any time you want it.  That's why we don't take reservations at Lake Purdy, you don't need it.  We'll get you in your boat and fishing right away.

Open Tuesday through Sunday 6:30AM - 6:30PM
Closed Monday

 "Fish don't bite on Mondays" Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler

Notice: Fishing License are only available this

year online at or by

calling 888-848-6887.

The State has eliminated the hard copy license therefore Lake Purdy can no longer sell Fishing and Hunting License.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

.Kids never forget their first fish

And they never forget who took them fishing.  Get them away from computer gaming and into nature.  Every day on the water is a wonder and a boast to self-esteem.

Hannah Whittington caught this 4 lb spot with her dad, Clint Wallace on May 11.

Now Open 6:30AM to 6:30PM
Tuesday through Sunday

Closed Mondays

Lake Purdy, over 1,000 acres surrounded by

7800 acres of wilderness

Lake Purdy is one of the few places in Alabama which still offers a full lakeside tackle/bait shop, boat rental, rod rental, free bank fishing, and Nissan outboard motor repair (link). The lake is a pristine source of drinking water for the area so it is completely development free and the fish are excellent to eat!  Because no private boats are allowed on Lake Purdy, fishing pressure is reduced and we still have an excellent population of Large Mouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Crappie, Bream, Catfish and more.  If you're looking for an inexpensive getaway, we have picnic areas, pontoon boats, free bank fishing, and beautiful sunsets!  Come out to enjoy a day fishing or just getting out of the house.

You can call ahead and let us know your coming at 991-9107 but we don't take reservations.  We have over 70 boats so you can fish when you want and reservations are not neededAlso, the water board does not permit the launching of private boats.



Maddy Cole with large mouth caught with Purdy guide, Rich Richardson

New Family Pontoons
Bring the whole Family.(up to 12 passengers or 1730 lbs), 40 hp engine, includes gas

Call us at (205) 991-9107
Lake Purdy Hours
Open 6:30AM to 6:30PM

Crappie Report: Good crappie fishing this week but it is time to move off the bank and look for crappie in 20 feet of water.  Drifting a jig or minnow in various depths has been the preferred method of catching good numbers of crappie this week.  Byron Mize (pictured above)caught the second 3 lb 7oz crappie of the season on April 21. Along with the 3 lb 7oz crappie which Randy Hagood caught,  this has been the best year for trophy crappie in the 23 years I have been running the Lake Purdy Fishing Center.  He was using one of his hand tied jigs (white with a blue head).  Byron makes his jigs available for sale in the store and they are excellent and highly effective.

Another 3 lb 7oz Crappie

Randy Hagood with monster crappie, 3lb 7oz, caught 1/29
Don't compare your fish to this.  It's the biggest I've seen in 10 years.

Hours: 6:30AM till 6:30PM Tues-Sunday

Closed Mondays

Contact info:    (205) 991-9107

Location         3780 Boat Launch Rd.

                      Birmingham, AL  35242

 Mapquest Directions          

*4 Miles Northeast of Hwy 280 on Hwy 119

*25 Minutes From Downtown Birmingham


Huge Spots hit Home Made Jigs
Jonathan McMillen (left) created a hand tied bass jig he calls the "Jaw Jacker Jig" and he used them to catch these huge spots with his partner D'Ante Jackson on January 9th. The Jaw Jacker Jig will be available to buy at the Lake Purdy Store soon.