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New Fully Rigged Fishing Boats Premier 8/29

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Lake Purdy Rental Prices

Boat Only Rental    

Bench seats.  May use your own gas motor or trolling motor up to 10 horsepower or paddle yourself. 

Regular: Holds up to 3 people                            Wide Jon Boat:   Holds up to 5      pictures                                                                pictures

$15 per day              $17 per night                        $20 per day         $22 per night


Motor Boat     pictures

Nissan Outboard, 3 Gallons of Gas, Bench Seats

Regular: Holds up to 3 people                           Wide Motor Boat: Holds up to 5

$45 up to 3 Hours                                                $55 up to 3 Hours 

$60 up to 6 Hours                                                $70 up to 6 Hours 

$80 per Day or Night                                           $90 per Day or Night

Add a trolling Motor and battery to a Motor Boat for $18

New Fully Rigged Fishing Boat     pictures

Our Biggest and Best Fishing Boat, 17 feet long and 75 inches wide, equipped with our most powerful outboard, steering wheel controls, bow mounted trolling motor, live-well, fish finder, anchor, and bow and stern seats.   Capacity 4.

$85 up to 3 Hours                $115 up to 6 Hours                    $155 per Day or Night


Pontoon Boats     pictures

For those of you who want to relax and spend time with family/friends.  Includes 3 gallons of gas (for every 6 hours).  Holds 5-8 people.

$70 up to 2 Hours                  $115 up to 6 Hours 

$85 up to 3 Hours                  $155 per Day or Night

Add a fishing package for $35. Includes bow mount trolling motor and fish finder.


Large Pontoon Boat     pictures

Bigger Boat and Bigger Motor.  Capacity of 10 people. Add $10 to Pontoon Prices above

Party Barge Pontoon Boat     pictures

Our Biggest Pontoon with the Biggest Motor.  Capacity of 12 people. Add $20 to Pontoon Prices above

Trolling Motor and Battery Add On:     

$30    6 Hours and limited to restricted area.  Ask Store about limitations. Add $6 for second battery.


Add On Accessories:

Batteries:              $10 for  1      $15 for  2

Anchor:                 $4           Livewell $4

Fish Finder:          $12       

Rod/Reel:              $7           Seat or Cushion:   $1

Rowing Oars:         $3

  •  Boat Rental Notes-
  • No Reservations-  We do not take advance reservations.  It's first come first served.  But you can call before you leave your house to make sure we have the boat you want.  We will then hold it for you for up to half an hour while you drive to the Lake.
  • Life Jackets and paddle are provided for all boat rentals for no additional cost.
  • Minimum age for rental is 16.
  • Boater Licence is not required for any boat rental at Lake Purdy, including pontoons.
  • Night Rental is anytime after 2 PM and due in 1 hour after opening next day.  Regulation running lights are required on all boats rented after 8 PM.  Pontoons and guide boats are equipped with running lights and the night price include the running lights. Plain jon boats and motor boats are not equipped with running lights, therefore night time customers must provide their own portable running lights.  Lake Purdy does not rent these lights but the bait store sells them for $28 for the set (bow and stern light).
  • Guide trips are available.  Call to reserve a day.  Our guides, Gary Goodwin and Rich Richardson, have over 40 years experience fishing Lake Purdy and they are great teachers.  The trip is $250 for two people which includes the boat rental, rods, and lures.  Trips will be targeted to catch the type of fish you want.
  • Discounts- Go to the Discount Page for current deals.