March is Big Crappie month
for the biggest crappie of the month caught from a Lake Purdy rental boat and weighed in during regular store hours.
Joshua Williford with 1 lb 13 oz crappie has the lead for the $100 big crappie contest.

Bo Sellers had the biggest crappie on Saturday 2/24.  The best was 2 lb and 2 oz

Gregory George caught a bag full of big crappie on 2/24 by trolling with a crank bait.  The biggest was 2 lb 2 oz.

Jamaul Richardson was the winner of the $100 Big Bream Contest.

Big Bream season is here!

Come and get em!

Pics from the past.  Scott and Mike with Lake Purdy shellcrackers

Vaughn Dennis was the first to weigh in a bass for the April Big Bass contest.  His catch on 4/18 weighed 2 lb 14 oz.

Winner of the Big Crappie Contest

David Scoggins won the March Big Crappie contest. It weighed 2 lb 1 oz and was caught in the last week of the month.

Big Crappie on Easter

Weekend wins $100

Courtney Adams won $100 with this 2lb 7oz crappie by trolling with a square bill crank bait on Easter Weekend

Courtney caught another 2lb crappie this last weekend after winning $100 on Easter

Win $100 for the Big Bass of November
This is a great opportunity to win $100 at Lake Purdy this month.  Rent any boat and you are eligible to win by weighing in the big bass of November during store hours 6AM to 5:30PM any day but Monday. 

Don Davis has taken the lead of the Big Bass of November Contest.  He used a bass jig to catch this 5lb 2oz large mouth bass on Black Friday, 11/27.

First fish in the November Big Bass contest was weighed in by Kerry Cook.  It was this nice 3lb 8oz large mouth caught 11/13/15 with a crankbait.

Brian Salisbury took the lead in the big bass contest on Nov. 15 with this 3lb 10oz spotted bass he caught with a spinner bait.

Kerry Cook is determined to win the November Big Bass contest so when Brian Salisbury took the lead from him on 11/15 he returned to Lake Purdy and caught this 4lb 5oz large mouth with a crank bait on 11/19.  This is the fish to beat at the moment.  You have til the end of the month.  Remember we will be closed on Mondays and Thanksgiving Day.
Cash for Lunkers 2014

Fish for Fun, Food or Cash

The following 4 pictures are the winners of the July Kid's Cash for Lunkers Contest
Sasha Allison with a double bass catch on crankbait while trolling 7/13/14

Trevor Leger knows "Chicks dig fisherman".
1.5 lb Cat and 14 oz Bream on 7/18 using Night Crawlers

Destiny and Jazmine Burley with Bass, Bream and Catfish on Night Crawlers 7/5

Hunter Hinson with 1 lb crappie
Congratulations to the winners $25 each
Pick up your cash at Lake Purdy on your next visit

Tim Isbell wins $100 for Big Catfish of June

Tim Isbell caught his 11 lb 14 oz Flathead Catfish on 6/20 with a lipless crankbait while bass fishing. 

Thanks for all the Fish

Jesse Mason won $100 with the biggest crappie of April.

May is Money Month

 Triple Cash for Lunkers

$100 for Biggest Bass

$100 for Biggest Crappie

$100 for Biggest Bream

  To qualify you must catch the fish from a Lake Purdy rental boat and only one cash award per person/boat.

Instant Cash for Big Crappie in March, 2014

We will pay $100 instant cash for any crappie 3 lbs or better. To qualify you must catch the fish from a Lake Purdy fishing boat during current store hours, 6AM to 7 PM, and only one cash award per person/boat.

Instant Cash for Big Bass

Richard Fields won $50 Instant Cash for this 6 lb 5 oz Largemouth caught Sunday 2/9/14

December and January are the months for hardy fishermen and big bass.  The cold months often finds the biggest predator bass in shallow water. Try using square-billed crankbaits or switch to the jig and pig on days when the crankbait isn't working.  We will pay $50 instant cash for any bass 5 lbs or better. To qualify you must catch the fish from a Lake Purdy fishing boat and only one cash award per person/boat.

Jacobi Fields with 2 lb crappie November 29th.  Winner of $50 Instant Cash.

Instant Cash for Big Crappie

November is my favorite month for crappie fishing.  Crappie are holding tight to submerged tree tops and they are feeding up for the winter months ahead. Big crappie can be had with live minnows and jigs. We will pay $50 instant cash for any crappie 2 lbs or better.

As always, anybody in a rental boat is qualified to win the Cash for Lunkers award.  No other cost to enter.  Just bring your fish to the landing from 6AM to 5PM to weigh-in and get your photo taken. Only one Award per person.

Cash For Lunkers in June was for Kids.
 $25 to the 4 best fish of the month

Here are the Winners
Come Get Your Cash Awards

Alex Tuggle with 1 lb 1 oz bass        Andrew Young with 1 lb 9 oz Catifsh

Bryan Frazier with 14 oz Bream            Zayden Parsons with 1 lb 4 oz Bass

Christopher Skipper taught Alex Tuggle how to catch her 1 lb 1 oz bass with a Carolina Rig

Cash For Lunkers will pay $100 for the best 5 bream stringer of May.

Weigh-in your best 5 bream any day this May and you may win $100 for the best stringer by the end of the month.  Must be caught in Lake Purdy from a rental boat and checked in the same day during store hours.

David Franklin, a guide client of Lake Purdy Guide, Gary Goodwin, won $100 for this 2 lb 10 oz Crappie on a trip this April.

Gary Detwiler, pictured above, won $100 for the best bass of April in the "Cash for Lunkers" contest.  He caught this 4 lb 11 oz Spotted Bass with a 1/8 oz Road Runner jig and 6 lb test line while crappie fishing  on 4/15/13.

Cash crazy in April.

$100 each for the biggest Crappie, Biggest Bass and Best Friday Night Contest Bass of April

Anthony Marshall won $100 for the biggest crappie of March 

Toney Moore won $100 with this 4 lb 6 oz Spot Feb 17

Kevin James with 5lb Spotted Bass

John and Hoyt Elrod with 3 lb Crappie 10/12

Winner of $100

Jimmy Overstreet with 7lb 15oz Bass 10/4
Winner of $100

Cash for Lunkers for Kids
Four lucky kids won a little spending money in the August "Back to School" Cash for Lunkers contest.  Winning $25 each were: Luke Moore with a 2lb 5oz Spotted Bass, Kenton Bueche with a 2lb 3oz Large Mouth Bass, Corey Maxwell with a 3lb 1oz Catfish, and Ayden Dean with a couple of 1lb bass.

Catch and Release Month

Cash for Lunkers pays $100 to Vince Smith for the biggest Bass of July, 4lb 10oz

The Burgos family won $100 with their stringer of catfish caught 6/11/12, including these two big Channel Cats, 4lb 12oz and 4lb 11oz.
Gary Detwiler wins again.  He collected a second $100 for the best stringer of Bluegills in May

Gary Detwiler is $100 Richer after winning April Big Bream Prize!

Charles Stewart won $100 with this 2lb 8oz crappie in March

Christy Smith won $100 with the best Chain Pickerel
this January.

Randy won $100 from Cash for Lunkers with the biggest Crappie in November. You can win $100 for the biggest Chain Pickeral of the Winter before January 30, 2012.

Evan Gannus won the catfish lunker contest in July with this 5 pound 6 ounce channel cat.

Billy Shelf with sons Adam and Logan with their winning bream weighing 2.38 lbs on memorial Day.

Gary Detwiler won $100 with this 2lb 5oz slab crappie in April

Jeff England got the $100 for the big bass in April with this

4 lb. 12 oz. Spotted Bass caught April 26th

  with a White Buzzbait.